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Address: Penza, Pushkin St. 2, of. 811. 8th floor building "Penzgrazhdanproekt"
Address: Moscow, Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 9S1, office 17
Address: Naberezhnye Chelny, st. Academician Rubanenko, 6, 1/07, entrance 1., 1, 5 floor , Study 2, intercome 2V
Address: Kazan, St. Barkhana Shahidi, 17, office 424
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Services of our attorneys

Mission of our company

We give reliability to customers. We save money and time for our customers. The main goal of the company is the development of the city and the country through assistance to business and individuals, by overcoming obstacles from government employees and increasing the tax base.

We provide highly professional services to individuals and legal entities in all matters related to real estate. We do this quickly, as transparently and conveniently as possible for the Client, offering solutions to the full range of related issues potentially threatening his interests.


Our attorneys will not transfer your data to anyone without permission, so anonymity is guaranteed.

Accuracy of response

The attorney will answer your question as accurate as possible and without «Beating around the bush», according to the laws of the Russian Federation.

Simplicity of communication

To communicate with a lawyer, it is not necessary to come to the company's office, just call the phone or order a call back on our website.

Quick response to legal questions

The Client sometimes needs legal advice urgently, our attorneys respond quickly to Client requests.

Information availability

The attorneys of our company can explain the most complex concepts even to those who don’t have a firm grasp in legal terminology.


Thanks to a lot of experience, the attorney is able to offer a competent solution to the problem after the first dialogue with the client.

Financial profit

The attorney will provide initial consultation absolutely for free and at a high professional level. As a result, any client can receive competent support without material costs.

Legal assistance in minor cases

Our attorney in Penza will provide qualified assistance even in minor cases, such as documentation, registration, cancellation, submission of documents to the relevant legal authority.

The work with our attorney


Choose the service which you need


Call or leave a request


Sign the Contract


The attorney executes the service


Payment for services

Our team

Our services and Company Values

The extensive experience and qualification of our specialists allows us to solve the whole range of legal, financial, project  tasks related to real estate: selection, evaluation, sale, real estate management, reduction of cadastral value, lending, financing, land surveying, design, repair, redevelopment, design, capital construction, legalization of any complexity and other services.

We offer total solutions for our customers. When you are contacting us, first of all, we will advise the Client totally for free on all the most important issues which will somehow affect his interests. In that way, we save the financial, time and other expenditures of our Client.

Our company is the market leader. Because of our high quality and our professionalism we solve the most difficult problems which are beyond the power of other companies. At the same time, the cost of our services remains medium-market.

We work quickly and transparently. The Client can obtain complete and up-to-date status information at any stage of his case. Our main values are legality, decency, professionalism, achieving the maximum result from the point of view of the Client’s interests, convenience of providing services.

Our strongest and most perspective areas of occupation are: legal services, financing, construction facilities.

We give services not only to legal entities and individuals. All clients have equal value to us, in spite of the cost of the services provided to them. All the above values ​ ​ are the base of all our branches of our work: staff recruitment, inner processes of the company, marketing activities, relations with our Clients, municipal authorities, partners, rivals.

Clients view. Risks and Opportunities

Considering the negative image of representatives of certain branches of our work (lawyers, realtors, creditors) which has developed in the understanding of ordinary people, we avoid positioning in focused segments of activity. We are perceived as a multifunctional company that advises and selects in the interests of the Clients convenient solution of their issues. We are positioned as a partner company of each potential Client. At the same time, we can provide not only the single service but also offer a total solution to all related problems, organizing a plan for Clients to solve the final problem and their opportunities for paying stage by stage. In the beginning of the procedure the Clients start to work with their own attorneys, who take the case to the real result.

The rendering of legal services is individually carried out by lawyers who analyze and prepare documents. If you would like to receive legal services or free legal assistance, please contact us:  +79914569999 or call the hotline:  +78002011443

The Clients associate us with the ease of use of the service, competence, integrated approach, providing legal services in difficult situations and providing such an opportunity as free legal advice in Penza or in another city. We have a modern dynamic image. Our attorney gives to the client reliability and calmness of mind for the result.

Our consulting and providing legal services are at the high level and it correspondents all demands and expectations of our Clients.

In caring for you

Your Giga-Group

Which help can offer our attorneys?

Assistance of a lawyer in drafting lawsuits, sanctions, grievances, statements, appeals, agreements , document lists and other documents;

Legal support of legal entities in Penza (IEs, LTDs and others);

Support of a lawyer in court, interest protection, appeal of court decisions, pre-judical settling of conflicts;

Free legal advice and assessment of the complexity of your situation. Preparation of a step-by-step algorithm for solving the problem, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation;

The lawyer’s explanation of laws  to the Clients, legal  codes and regulatory legal acts  in a very easy manner;

Legal support of transactions by a lawyer (for example, selling an apartment), checking agreements etc.   And all our services are with reasonable prices.

State authorities

In the state inspections of Penza and other cities, our lawyers are ready to accompany you to the end of the process. Leave your request now and receive an initial consultation totally free.


Ministry of Internal Affairs

Prosecuting authorities

State Tax Administration 


Penza, Pushkin St. 2, of. 811. 8th floor building "Penzgrazhdanproekt"

Kazan, St. Barkhana Shahidi, 17, office 424

Moscow, Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 9S1, office 17

Naberezhnye Chelny, st. Academician Rubanenko, 6, 1/07, entrance 1., 1, 5 floor , Study 2, intercome 2V

8 (800) 201-14-43

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